Geologic Services & Consultants

GSC is committed to getting the job done right in a practical, cost effective manner while meeting our clients’ needs and objectives.¬†

Our team is experienced with the following operations necessary for successful project completion:

    • Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I)
    • Subsurface Site Investigations & Characterizations (Phase II)
    • Corrective Action Plan Preparation & Implementation (Phase III)
    • Petroleum Storage Tank (AST & UST) Removal
    • Environmental & Construction Permitting
    • Remediation System Design & Maintenance
    • Regulatory Compliance
    • Reimbursement Fund Assistance
    • SPCC

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Superior Service

Geologic Services & Consultants, Inc. is comprised of experienced individuals in the environmental, engineering and construction management fields. Our number one objective is performing due diligence and reducing regulatory overhead.

Sensible Solutions

Streamlining regulatory compliance can save costs, enhance public relations, reduce legal liabilities, as well as allow our customers to focus on their business.